access terms

Article 1 (Object) 주식회사 올체인(이하 “회사”)가 제공하는 슈월드 디지털 자산 거래 플랫폼 서비스(이하 “서비스”)의 이용조건 및 절차, 회사와 고객간의 권리ㆍ의무 및 책임사항, 기타 필요한 기본적인 사항을 정함으로써, 거래의 신속하고 효율적인 처리를 도모하고 거래당사자 상호간의 이해관계를 합리적으로 조정하는 것을 목적으로 합니다. The service must meet certain criteria. For example, there is a specific location where you must be an adult and cannot use some or all of the services. Also, when using the service, you cannot engage in illegal activities, lie, or do anything that can damage our service or system. Please refer to the notice for more information. Article 2 (Definition) The terms used in this Agreement are defined as follows. 1. "{서비스"라 함은 단말기(PC, 휴대형 단말기 등의 각종 유무선 장치를 포함)에 상관없이, 고객이 이용할 수 있는 슈월드의 디지털 자산 거래 플랫폼 서비스 및 이와 관련된 제반 서비스를 의미합니다. 2. "Customer" refers to a customer who has access to a service and enters into a service contract with the company in accordance with these terms and conditions and uses the service provided by the company. 3. "crypto currency" refers to SUC, BTC, ETH and other crypto currencies that can be traded in the service. 4. "SUT Point" refers to a virtual currency in which a customer can use in a service for cryptocurrency transactions and exchange them for cash. 5. "슈월드 암호화폐 지갑(SUWORLD WALLET)"이라 함은 슈월드가 고객의 슈월드 계정과 연동된 암호 화폐를 보관하기 위해 사용하는 탈중앙화된 암호화폐 전자지갑을 의미합니다. 고객은 "슈월드 전자지갑(이하 “지갑”)"을 통해 "외부 암호화폐 주소"와 암호화폐를 주고 받을 수 있으며, 본인 (개인)만 지갑에 접근하고 사용할 수 있습니다. 6. "Purchaser" refers to a customer who intends to purchase cryptocurrency and has registered or applied the cryptocurrency in accordance with the form provided online by the company. 7. "seller" means a customer who intends to sell the cryptocurrency and registers or applies it in accordance with the form the company provides online. 8. "Published" means information type such as code, text, voice, sound, video, video, etc. posted on the service by the customer, and various files and links. 9. "Content" refers to information or materials in the online digital form that the company provides. Article 3 (Notification, effect generation and change of the Terms and Conditions) 1. The contents of these terms and conditions are provided by the company on a web page( will take effect when the customer agrees to this Agreement and joins the company as a customer. 2. The company may change these terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant statutes, if necessary. The company notifies the details of the revised and changed terms and conditions to the initialization screen, pop-up screen, or notice section on its website up to 7 days before the revision date and the reason for the change, and notifies existing customers by sending e-mail if necessary. 3. Although the company notifies the revised terms and conditions in accordance with the previous paragraph, and clearly states that it will be deemed to have approved the revised terms unless the customer shows a disclaimer until seven days after the date of entry into force of the amended terms, it shall be deemed to have approved the changed terms. If the customer does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the customer may terminate the service contract pursuant to Article 6 paragraph 1. Separately, the company may process the customer's withdrawal. Article 4 (Article other than Terms and Conditions) For matters not specified in this Agreement, the company shall comply with the relevant statutes, such as the Information and Communication Act, and with the detailed service usage guidelines set by the company. Article 5 (Use Agreement) The service contract is concluded when the person who wants to become a customer (hereinafter referred to as the "submitee") agrees to the terms and conditions provided by the company, completes the application for subscription according to the procedures set by the company, and the company approves these applications. Article 6 (Stop and cancel service use) 1. Whenever a customer wants to terminate a service contract, he or she can cancel the service contract by requesting additional data to check the suitability of the person in charge, if necessary. 2. The company can set a period of time for the customer to use or limit the customer's service or terminate the service contract with the customer if the customer commits any of the following acts. 1) In the event that a person has been used for a crime, such as a violation of his or her obligation to prevent money laundering, or that he or she is suspected of using the service for dishonest use or abnormal transactions 2) In case the actual users do not match by stealing other people's personal information or by providing a loan of an account to a third party 3) In the event that a member's account has violated his or her obligation to prevent money laundering or has been reported to be involved in a crime such as a telecommunications device 4) In the event that the provision of services to customers of the company is suspended in accordance with the court's decision, decision, order and investigation cooperation of the investigative agency 5) If the same user has a dual-use contract with another ID 6) In case a member is a minor 7) Send a large amount of information that interferes with the stable operation of the service 8) Infringement of intellectual property and copyright of the company 9) Dissemination of computer virus programs that cause malfunction of service-related facilities or destruction of all information posted to the service 10) In the event that the contents of the damage are distributed in public order, such as obscene materials, and in the breeze through the network related to other services on the homepage 11) In the event that a long-term dormant subscriber has not expressed his intention to use the service even though he or she has notified the user of the intention to reuse it within the notification period 12) Personal information about other customers is collected, stored, and disclosed without their consent 13) In case of direct transaction induced by information obtained through the company's service information 14) When registering duplicate and hack encryption currency 15) In case the company's policy for service improvement is inevitable 16) In case the operator or administrator of the service determines that it is unsuitable for use 3. If the company wants to limit the customer's service use, it shall establish the reasons, dates, and period and notify the customer or his or her representative by means of written, telephone, text message, e-mail, or message function on the website. 4. However, if the company acknowledges that it is necessary to stop using the service urgently, it may restrict the service use without the process described in the preceding paragraph. 5. The customer or his/her representative who has been notified of the suspension of service may file an objection if he/she has an objection to the suspension. 6. The company shall immediately lift the suspension action only if the reason for the suspension has been found to have been resolved during the suspension period. 7. The company may terminate the service contract if the same action is repeated more than three times after the company suspends or limits the service use, or if the reason is not corrected within 30 days, or if there is an offence under paragraph 2. 8. If the company cancels the service contract, the customer registration is cancelled. In this case, the company notifies the customer and gives the customer the opportunity to give an explanation before the customer is unregistered. Article 7 (Protection of Personal Information) 1. The company strives to protect the customer's personal information and other account data. 2. Please refer to the company's Privacy Policy for how the company protects and handles information such as customer's account data. Article 8 (agreement on the use of customer information) 1. The company uses account data, including the customer's personal information, only for the purpose of implementing the service contract and providing the service accordingly. The company processes the account data provided by the customer in accordance with the company's Privacy Policy and obtains separate consent from the customer. 2. To make it easier for customers to use the services associated with the company and the company, the customer's account data may be provided or entrusted to the company affiliated with the company in accordance with the company's privacy policy. However, the company shall notify and obtain the customer's consent in advance, including the provision of a third party to the customer's account data, the purpose of the offer, and the contents of customer information to be provided. Article 9 (Providing Information about Customers) For the convenience of the customer's service use, the company can send information on BIS, e-mail, text messages, etc. including product information, to the customer only if the customer agrees to receive the information, but does not send such information to the customer against the customer's express refusal to accept the information. Customers can refuse to receive advertising information by withdrawing membership or denying advertising information on their website at any time they do not wish. Article 10 (Customer's obligations, etc.) 1. Customer shall comply with the applicable statutes, these terms and all instructions or policies provided by the Company to the Customer and shall not be engaged in acts that may cause failure or disruption to any server, network or other equipment connected to the Services or Services. Please note that if damages occur to the company and other third parties due to the customer's illegal activities, the customer may be liable for damages to the company and other third parties. 2. If a customer posts a post expressing contents that violate all guidelines or policies provided by the company to the customer, such as the relevant statutes and these terms and conditions applicable to him, the customer shall be solely responsible for all responsibilities. Article 11 (Type, Content and Precautions of Service) 1. The types and contents of services provided by the company are as follows. 1) Cryptocurrency transaction: Transaction (service related to purchase, sale, and market information retrieval) is provided through API link and in-house transaction engine. 2) SUT Point (SUT) : Non-listing crypto currency (stable-coin) used for service use by a company that can be exchanged in cash while the customer is using the company's service 3) 슈월드 암호화폐 지갑(SUWORLD WALLET)은 고객이 제 1 호의 서비스를 이용하기 위해 회사에 사용 요청을 한 암호화폐(전자)지갑 제공 4) Other services provided by the company are deemed necessary for the smooth use of the service by customers 2. The types and contents of services provided by the company may be changed from time to time according to the company's situation. 3. In relation to the services provided by the Company, the Customer shall fully understand and understand the following and use the service. 1) The company can set the minimum amount of units used for all transactions related to the service and cut cryptocurrency or SUT points corresponding to less than that amount. 2) The price of cryptocurrency provided by the company to the customer may be temporarily inconsistent with the actual transaction price due to technical limitations such as program or system error, information comparison, and constraints on the domestic and international communication environments. 3) In the event that a customer transacted cryptocurrency using the company's service, the transaction details of the cryptocurrency are recorded in the block chain so that users of the cryptocurrency around the world can verify the authenticity of the transaction. However, if the consistency of the blockchain where transaction details are verified is impaired due to reasons attributable to third parties, such as telecom service operators, check of servers in the company, and errors in blockchain itself, the transaction details can be restored to a specific point in time, not the company or company. 4) In order to prevent financial fraud, such as voice phishing/faming, the first time a customer deposits SUT points (SUTs) are restricted for 72 hours, and after 72 hours, cryptocurrency withdrawals and SUT points (SUT) exchanges are required. 5) To prevent financial fraud, such as voice phishing/faming, the company may have a time limit of more than 72 hours if the customer requests the withdrawal and becomes suspicious of objective anomalies in the customer's transaction details. 6) If a company is suspected of being involved in a financial scam, such as voice phishing/faming, the company can request investigation without seeking consent from the customer. 7) The blockchain technology on which the service is based is currently recognized as impossible to falsify or hack, but this can be changed at any time due to advances in the technology or other unforeseen circumstances. 4. The company may refuse orders submitted through the service at the company's discretion or place restrictions on the amount of the transaction and other terms of the transaction without prior notice, and the following are the main restrictions. 1) If payment amount is excessive 2) If the seller and the buyer are judged to be the same person 3) When requested by payment service providers and issuers 4) Other company's operation policy requires the use of payment to be restricted 5) If the number of outstanding orders is excessive 6) In the event of a transaction with a member of a certain region that is judged to be a suspicious transaction by the company's policy 5. The member's order cancellation is only possible until the order submitted is completed. For orders that are partially signed, you can cancel the remaining orders that are not signed. 6. 회원의 슈월드 암호화폐 지갑에서 이용 가능한 암호화폐가 회원이 제출한 주문을 체결시키기 위한 금액에 부족한 경우 회사는 전체 주문을 취소하거나 회원의 슈월드 암호화폐 지갑에 이용 가능한 암호화폐에 해당하는 부분 주문을 이행할 수 있습니다. 7. The company can open or close individual cryptocurrency markets available to members in the service at the company's discretion. If you close a market for a particular cryptocurrency transaction, any outstanding orders remaining in that market will be canceled. 8. The company may add or exclude individual cryptocurrency available to members in the service at the company's discretion. The company will make efforts to inform the members of the relevant information in advance, but not in cases where the law or the supervisory authorities require confidentiality. If certain cryptocurrency is excluded from the service provided by the company, the member shall move it to an external cryptocurrency address within 14 days to keep it. The company shall not be held liable for losses or expenses related to the removal of cryptocurrency. Article 12 (Notification and modification of service content) 1. Depending on the type of service, the company notifies the characteristics of each service, detailed usage procedures, and how it is used through the service screen. The client shall understand and use the service accordingly. 2. In the event of a change in service content, the company may notify the customer via the customer's registered e-mail, text message, mobile app Al Lim or website. The company shall not be responsible for damages caused by the customer's failure to check the contents of the notice. Article 13 (maintenance and suspension of services) 1. In principle, the company will provide services to the customer on a 24 hour-per-day basis, 24 hours-per-year basis, unless otherwise specified. 2. Notwithstanding paragraph 1, the company may suspend the service provision in the event of any of the following reasons. In this case, the company shall notify the customer in advance through the customer's registered e-mail, text message, mobile app notification or website 24 hours before the scheduled service suspension at the latest. However, in the event of an urgent reason, the company may have to shorten the company's notice period or not make a prior announcement, and the company shall do its best to inform the customer of the occurrence of the cause as soon as possible. 1) Suspension of alliance services based on the circumstances of the service alliance 2) Maintenance, repair, and regular inspection of all facilities related to the service provision are necessary 3) In the event that normal service use is disrupted due to heavy use of the service 4) If an investigation is conducted by the investigative agency, judiciary, administrative office, and other public authority and the freezing of the account and electronic wallet is necessary due to suspected misconduct such as electronic financial fraud 5) In the event of a non-force majeure event, in this issue, an event outside the control of the company, such as the inability of the use of a power outage or a dedicated communication network, the law, order, strike, lock-up or other labor disputes, civil unrest, rioting, intrusion, threats of terrorist attacks or war, all kinds of natural disasters, etc. 제 14 조 (SUP 환전소) 1. SUP 환전소는 화폐 간 교환을 지원하는 서비스이며, 거래소는 개인간 디지털 자산 거래를 지원하는 서비스입니다. Article 15 (Notification of Service Use Limits) 1. In the event that the company intends to take measures, such as limiting the use of services to the customer in the event of a reason under Article 6 paragraph 2, the company notifies the customer when the measure takes effect and the details of the action by e-mail, text message or message transmission on the website. 2. If the client receives a notice in paragraph 1 and the company declares that the reason is not true or the reason has been resolved, the company may not or may not take any action, such as limiting the service use to the customer. Article 16 (fee) 1. In exchange for providing services to customers, the company can receive various fees from the customers according to the fee information set in the website. However, the standard for charging fees may change depending on the company and market conditions. In the event of a change in fees, the company will notify and inform the customer in advance in accordance with Article 12 of the notice and change procedures of the service contents. 2. The service fee is listed at the bottom of the company's website. Article 17 (Company's Responsibility) The Company shall strive to comply with the relevant statutes and these terms and conditions applicable to the Company and, if any damages or losses have occurred to the Customer in violation of the relevant statutes or these terms, the Company shall bear the Customer's responsibility for any damages or losses that the Company generally expected under the circumstances at that time, within the scope of any damages or losses that cannot be excluded or restricted under the relevant statutes or conditions. Article 18 (Regulations on Disclaimer) 1. The reasons for the company's limited liability apply to cases where the customer intends to exercise the right to claim damages in the contract or to claim damages due to illegal activities. 2. The Company shall not provide any agreement or guarantee for any particulars not specified in this Agreement in connection with the Services to the extent permitted by law. 3. The Company does not guarantee the completeness of cryptocurrency or the value of any type of item or cryptocurrency that the Company does not guarantee payment. 4. The content provided by the service is an aid to the use of the service and does not recommend or imply any investment or transaction. Information provided by content and other information providers may be error, delay and other minor correctness, and the company and other information providers are not liable for this. 5. Investments based on information obtained from services and services may incur losses, and the customer is solely responsible for the final decision. The company shall not be held liable for any loss of investment by the customer. 6. The information, opinions and materials posted by the customer in the service have nothing to do with the company, and legal responsibility for the reliability and accuracy of the facts in relation to the contents of the postings made by the customer, etc. shall be solely the client who posted the posts and the customer who accessed them. 7. The Company has no legal obligation to engage in any dispute between the Customer or between the Customer and the Third Party that has occurred by mediating the Services, and shall not be liable in connection with this. 8. The company shall not be held liable for any damages caused by the inability to provide services due to natural disasters, DDoS (DDOS) attacks, IDC failures, circuit failure of the carrier or equivalent forces. 9. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the company shall not be held liable for any damages caused by illegal third party access to the company's servers or other acts that interfere with the normal operation of the servers or unauthorized use of customer information. 10. The company shall not be held responsible for any failures or service restrictions that inevitably occur due to the characteristics of the cryptocurrency, such as defects or technical limitations of the cryptocurrency issuance management system itself. 11. If you check your company's server for service delivery, you will be exempted from responsibility for service delivery. 12. The company shall not be held liable for any failure in service use due to the reasons attributable to the client. 13. The company shall not be responsible for the reliability, accuracy, and legality of information, data, and facts posted by the customer on the service. 14. The Company shall not be held liable for the use of the services provided free of charge unless there is a specific provision in the relevant statutes. 15. In the event a customer receives various objections, including claims or lawsuits, from a third party other than the customer because of an illegal act or violation of this Agreement, the customer must indemnify the company from his or her responsibility and expense. Article 19 (Disclaimer of representation and warranty) 1. The Company does not have the right to represent customers who wish to purchase cryptocurrency, and any actions of the Company shall not be regarded as acts of proxy for purchase. 2. The company does not guarantee the facts, authenticity or legality of the purchasing or selling physician in connection with the purchase between customers through the service provided by the company. No action of the Company in direct transactions with the Company for any particular cryptocurrency between the Company and the Customer shall be deemed to be a Buyer's or Seller's proxy. 3. The company shall not be held responsible for the goods or services handled by the website linked to the company. Sites connected to the company and the company are operated independently and the company shall not be held liable for any transactions made between the company's connection site. 4. The company is a contracting company that has a relationship with the company posted on the site (such as a free content provider), and the company only provides sales of products through contract with the company. All responsibilities for the company's service operation, management, refund, etc. shall be borne by the contractor unless the company is intentionally or culpable. Article 20 (payment) 1. The price of paid contents is based on the price displayed in the store in the service, but the expected amount of payment and actual billing at the time of purchase may vary due to exchange rate and commission. 2. The member shall pay the amount according to the policy or method set by the open market operator or payment company. 3. Payment limits can be adjusted according to company and open market operators, payment companies' policies and government policies. Article 21 (Approval withdrawal) 1. The paid contents purchased by a member are divided into those that can be withdrawn and those that cannot be withdrawn. Content that can be withdrawn from subscription can be withdrawn within 7 days of purchase. Content that has expired or that is subject to limitation of withdrawal of subscription under other related statutes, such as the Act on the Protection of Consumers in e-commerce, is restricted. Content that is restricted from subscription withdrawal provides free content that can be used to indicate that it is restricted or for testing. 2. For paid content that can be withdrawn, withdrawal of subscription may be restricted if 7 days have passed since purchase, if the value of goods has decreased significantly, or if other reasons have occurred that may limit member's withdrawal of the subscription. 3. Content that the company has paid to the members free of charge (including free and free content) and paid contents received as gifts are excluded from the subscription withdrawal. Article 22 (Refunds of Overpayments) 1. In the event of an excessive amount of the member's overpayment, refund will be made. In principle, if overpayment occurs during the payment process, an open market operator should be requested for a refund, but if the policy and system support of the open market operator is available, the company may request an open market operator to implement the required refund procedure. 2. In principle, the member shall refund the refund in the same way as the member made the payment. If the refund is not possible in the same way, the refund may be refunded in another way. 3. In the event of an overpayment due to the member's responsibility, the member shall pay the fee for the refund. 4. Charges incurred by application downloads or using network services (such as call charges, data casks, etc.) are excluded from the refund list. Article 23 (Refunds of Free Content) 1. In connection with paid content, you may receive a refund through the Customer Center if. 1) If the company has purchased paid content but does not have a service available for the purchased content, the company is solely responsible for it 2) In case the company sets it separately for the protection of other consumers 2. A member who wants to refund paid content shall apply for a refund through the procedure set by the company. The company shall review whether the refund request is appropriate. 3. If the company decides to refund the member's request for a refund, the company will calculate the balance of the paid content that the member can receive the refund and refund the remaining amount of the refund fee of 10% of the balance calculated. However, if the service is not used for reasons attributable to the company, such as paragraph 1 of this Article, the company shall not pay a refund fee. 4. Content that the company has paid to the members free of charge, such as contents received as gifts, and other contents that the members have not purchased for direct fee are excluded from the refund list. Article 24 (special characteristics of corporate members) 1. This section applies to corporate members if the members who wish to use the company's services are corporations as they are prepared on the basis of individual members. 2. Corporate members shall indicate their intention to join a corporation by providing the following information and register after checking the documents with the company to prove that they are corporate members. 1) Essential materials A. Corporate name B. Name of representative (birthday, nationality) C. Member Account (email) D. reachable telephone number E. Purpose of trading cryptocurrency F. Daily average (expected) transaction amount (KRW) G. Daily average (expected) SUT point receiving/exporting amount 2) Attached documents A. Business license B. Corporate Officer C. Resolution of the Board of Directors to approve new account registration D. List of stockholders E. A copy of the bank's bank account F. Representative and person in charge (including users of member account emails) Each ID photo G. Business Introduction H. Agreement on the Prohibition of Pseudo-Receiving Activities Article 25 (The Effectiveness of Individual Agreements) 1. After receiving the information pursuant to Article 24 paragraph 2., the company may enter into an agreement with the corporate members to exclude or prioritize the application of all or all of these terms and conditions in relation to the corporate members by entering into a separate contract with or following them. In particular, corporate members may apply to the company different from this Agreement to the terms and conditions (not limited to these) such as fees, limits on release, and other additional services, which are subject to the agreement between the company and the corporate members. 2. The contractual relationship between the Corporate Member and the Company shall be governed by the contents of the Agreement between the Corporate Member and the Company prior to. Article 26 (the courts concerned and the laws of reference) 1. In the event of a dispute between the company and the customer regarding the customer's service use pursuant to this Agreement and this Agreement, the court in charge of the location of the company's headquarters shall be resolved by the competent court. 2. The Korean law shall apply to the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions. an incidental rule (Publication Date) This Agreement was announced on May 1, 2019. (Date of Enforcement) This Agreement shall take effect on May 15, 2019.